Kinx's Seasonal Shade - September Morn'

Kinx's Seasonal Shade - September Morn'


It’s finally Fall, and we’ve launched an official seasonal shade to welcome in this amazing time of year. It’s called “September Morn’”. What’s September Morn’ all about? Just like the season, it’s a calm and relaxing dust pink that quietly let’s everyone know that right now, your mood is all about coming down from the hot summer season and embracing the cool and crispness of Fall.  

So, how do spend your September Mornings?  And how do you wear your September Morn’ Peel Off Polish??  Let us know by tagging us on IG @ KINXACTIVE and #KINXACTIVE with your fall mood.

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Helpful tips:

  1. One coat provides great coverage. 3-5 coats makes it easier to peel off. Don’t worry, it dries quick!

  2. To peel off, start from either edge of the nail and work your way diagonally. Once you catch an edge, pull gently.

  3. CHALLENGE - Go for that one-piece peel off, and show it off @kinxactive & #kinxactive


Polyurethane-1, Propylene Glycol, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Hyaluronic Acid